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Starbrite Boat Bottom Cleaner
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Starbrite Boat Bottom Cleaner

Description - Boat Bottom Cleaner

Content - 950 ml

·         Removes barnacles, zebra mussels, algae, scum lines and rust, quickly and easily.

·         Water based, environmentally friendly, biodegradable formula. Special patented butte ring process makes this product safer than other acid based bottom cleaners.


·         Wear protective cloths, rubber gloves, safety glasses.

·         Ventilation.

·         Protect the boat trailer with a cover.

Direction - Remove boat from water and knock off large marine growth. Allow marine growth, barnacle rings and stains to dry thoroughly. Stains and growth found above the water line may be removed while boat is in water. Apply product to the dry surface of hull using an ali-plastic sprayer, non-nylon roller or brush. Keep the growth and stains wet and foaming with the product. Foaming indicates the product is removing the growth. Keep reapplying the product to maintain foaming action. After 10 minutes of foaming action, most surfaces should be clean and ready for rinsing with water. Heavy barnacle growth may require several applications and some light scraping. NOTE: Take precautions to prevent spills, drips or overspray on surfaces not being treated. On aluminum hulls, test a small area before applying. Use protective plastic cover on trailer to avoid staining galvanized surface. Product will discolour some bottom paints. Avoid contact with fabrics and carpets. Manufacturer's liability is limited to the purchase price of this product.

WARNING - Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin. Keep locked-up and out of reach of children. In the case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water.

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